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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


drama Stanza Cinta
Time: 9pm

DATE: 19th June

DAY: Every Sunday

Cast: Aaron Aziz, Nur Fathia, and Fizz Fairuz.

Episode: Episode 13

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Religious-themed drama adaptation of the novels Love Amni Sorfina stanza (the holy Peace) ... revolves around the love between the three terms of Amni, Taufik and Irfan. Irfan Amni finally engaged to wealthy men, while liver and her first love for Taufik, pious young man. Amni How can love with others and engaged with others?
Amni was a poor girl who rely on money for PTPTN only. So, wherever he goes the bread supply is always in his bag. Auni, a tomboy girl who is aware of the hardship began to launch a luxury to him from acting for the attention. Auni great secrets of love lesbiannya of Amni. Therefore, all movements controlled Amni unnoticed.
lovely as lovely as her name is personal! He is the last day of a woman who best to be righteous. But the road that stretched in front of him .. always choppy and never quiet. The test is a good friend who always followed him wherever he walked.
When started to greet her happy, when the flowers expand with beautiful sakura, when he started to smile happily .... Suddenly everything becomes so menyiksakan nikam soul and ears pierced his heart. If the term happiness is not for him. Whatever the dream and hope never transformed into reality. Often only God takes those who loved her.
Until he was sad moan, "Oh God ... if there is such a happy name for me in this world? Why life is often not in favor of me? If with all this pain you want to delete all my sins, how trivial this suffering. If the pain is you want to save me from Hell-Fire and put me into the heaven of Thy eternal suffering .. how beautiful it is "
Irfan Ika - "Amni was an angel who is very gentle and caring ... but he was firm. Amni a woman who likes to cry and easy to contact him ... but he was a stoic! Amni an Eve with a huge love for The Adamnya .... But it is protected behind a dipertahankannya principles. Amni shows the light when I was groping in the dark. He makes me able to smile with love ... with love of God who taught me "
Imran, Taufiq, Bandung Indonesia - "Subhanallah ... Amni is a highly righteous woman I want to make zaujah disisiku. I membutu * right dukungannya as peneguhku, I listened membutu * right to life, I smile membutu * state to overcome the grief ... and I membutu * right himself to make my life be perfect. I want to forever through the streets of this missionary who accompanied zaujah lovely as herself ... I really love Allah ... .. "
Junction Amni life so complicated and tiring. Terhidang with pain and tears. Although love is there in front of his eyes, but he was never able to enjoy what happiness is. His heart is often crushed and hurt because of love that is owned.
What is the sight of Taufiq Amni finally ... a man who so loved a good man began to teach the meaning of true love Amni, The first Adam was able to buy his love of the most expensive? Or Irfan Ika often present with a noble and pure love for Amni. Willing to give all happiness available to Amni. Should he choose this love? Could not he enjoy happiness without hurting other people?
"Oh God .... Everything I gave to you. I was just a little of thy servant, who can not do much. Let you choose love and choose life for me. I do not want to force you to give what I want ... give what is best according to thy knowledge to me. Because all my life .. love .. and my life belongs to thee absolute and ultimate !!!!" - Amni Sorfina

ISBN: 978-983-097-244-2
PENULIS: Nurull Halawati
TEBAL: 408 halaman
HARGA: RM19.50/ RM21.50*
KOD: GB0070

Amni Sorfina need a man who could guide him, not the man he needs guidance. At the same time, he was responsible for guiding Irfan straight path.

Should she sacrifice her love is too deep for Taufiq, to fulfill a promise and a trust?

Faced with the most difficult moment in his life, from acting to learn to smile in pain and in the good of all God's will for him.

Does this mean that he should let go of the most desirable, who had been recently discovered?


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